Gelato Libre

Plant-based gelato from farm to cup. This gelato is free from dairy and is meticulously crafted, in small batches. Infused with the delicate flavors of quality cacao beans and hand-procured nuts, the unique formulation exalts smoothness and fragrance through the use of pure spring water.

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Gianluca created the first chocolate company that focuses on finest quality single origin cacao beans and has been revolutionizing the chocolate world since 1997. With his work in plantations, fermentation and chocolate processing, he has successfully recovered criollo cacao, the finest heirloom cacao, and also created the first chocolate tasting code to discover the infinite nuances of cacao.



A new lifestyle in indulgence. A dessert driven by full flavor with no added sugar.


Luka Ume

A project around ume, the wonderful Japanese apricot. Gianluca chose the most promising ume variety, Gojiro, and he soaked it in Shiragaki amphorae in order to redefine the umeshu as a liqueur to pair with dessert or with savoury meal. 



Bags and accessories made with wild muga silk, the finest fabric in the world. We use muga gicha fabric: the most ancient, luxury recycled fabric used since 1200 A.C. Our collection includes handmade muslin & lace shirts and whole cut oxford shoes.